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Top Reasons Why Mobile Responsiveness in Ecommerce Solutions Matters

As you set off on your journey to launch an e-commerce business, your dream is to earn high profits.  You are not the only person with this goal. However, the success of your online business relies on the e-commerce solution hosting your store. Many businesses face frustrations and fail when they make a mistake at this point.

An efficient e-commerce platform must be secure and durable. Also, it should support features to enhance your business and customers’ goal. In this era, mobile responsiveness is an essential feature for any online entrepreneur seeking to excel in the competitive virtual market.  But, why does mobile responsiveness matter in an e-commerce solution?

Here are the reasons:

a) Shopping is going mobile

Indeed, you are one of the online shoppers or seller. At one moment you have either sold or bought an item from an online store through a PC or a mobile device. According to statistics, mobile is becoming a shopping device for the apparent reason – customers can shop from any location as long as they have access to the internet.

In this regard, having a mobile-friendly e-commerce website gives you an upper hand in your niche.  Hence, when selecting an e-commerce solution, you need to ensure that it is responsive to different mobile device screens and retaining a similar customer experience as when accessed through a PC.

b) Mobile responsiveness is now a ranking factor

Recently, Google added mobile responsiveness as one of the website ranking elements. Websites with high responsive to mobile devices will rank better than the latter. As you are aware, Google ranking is essential for any successful webpreneur. Your availability on the search engine determines your conversion rates and profitability.

Also, the numbers of searches through mobile devices are on the rise and growing each day. With this in mind, mobile responsiveness should sound like a critical feature in e-commerce solution selection.

c) Enhanced customer experience on the site

Have you tried to access an e-commerce site through a mobile device that forces you to keep zooming or scrolling sides to see products? How is the experience? Of course, it is not an enjoyable one. Hence, unresponsive site results in poor customer experience given that most people are using mobile devices for shopping purpose.

 As a result, bouncing rates will go up; customers will develop a negative perception of your brands and conversions will decline. In this essence, considering the responsiveness of an e-commerce solution should be a priority.

As you can see, mobile responsiveness is an essential feature in e-commerce solution. For this reason, you should give it a priority when deciding on the platform to anchor your online store.

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