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E-commerce Solutions Providers You Might Not Know About

When e-entrepreneurs decide on launching an e-commerce website, their choice of commerce Platforms is usually predictable. Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and a few other popular e-commerce solutions always make the list of reputable platforms on which to launch an online business.

Sticking to what you know or what most people are using is understandable since the wisdom of the crowds suggests that the many are smarter than the few. When it comes to choosing an e-commerce solution for your e-shop, you cannot afford to compromise. As such straying off the beaten path may seem like an unnecessary risk one that most entrepreneurs are unwilling to take.

Unlike a few years back when reliable e-commerce platforms were limited, today they are in abundant supply. You can find numerous e-commerce solutions on the market today that may not be celebrated but are incredibly trustworthy. Below is a list of 6 less known e-commerce solutions that may just be the perfect fit for your online strategy.

  • Drupal Commerce: Packaged with a full content management system

Drupal web hosting platform may be famed but Drupal Commerce, which is an e-commerce platform, is less known. It comes packaged with a full content management system, a first of its kind. This makes it ideal for online marketers who are inexperienced in store back-ends.

  • Symphony Commerce: SaaS solution for small businesses

Getting started in e-commerce can be a complicated endeavor if you lack the technical know-how to transform your physical store into a digital one. Symphony Commerce lets you focus on business by taking on the backend and architecture duties. It is a type of SaaS solution, whose pay-as-you-go nature makes it ideal for small companies.

  • PrestaShop: Host your store someday

PrestaShop is ideal for small businesses whose owners want to start without a server but have the vision of hosting their store someday. It allows users to run multiple stores through the same admin account. PrestaShop’s fundamental features allow listing of products using pop-over descriptions which improve customer experience by allowing them to browse quickly over selections.

  • GumRoad: Ease and speed

GumRoad gives you speed and ease of operation. To list a product, you only have to drag and drop its picture into the product editor feature on GumRoad followed by a quick description, price tag and extras like shipping fields.

  • X-Cart: Self-hosted e-commerce experience

X-cart assists with selling products in person, on e-bay and helps you build a self-hosted e-commerce shop. It allows customers to log-in using their social network accounts, and its mobile interface works alongside PayPal allowing you to process orders and purchases on your phone.


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